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WINNI(HK)ELECTRONIC CO LIMITED are authorized distributor for Optrex Sharp Hitachi NEC Toshiba and have good connection with Innolux,AUO Hannstar Sanyo Toppoly to Cover 3.5-21 LCD panel Based on many years cooperation with LCD Manufacturer , Our inventory system have aligned with LCD Manufacturer  inventory system , Anywhere , Anytime we can know LCD Manufacturer inventory with updated condition, to follow up customer order tightly , and sometimes we can arrange LCD manufacturer restart production line for discontinued product model,prepares goods for a long time the stock
SHARP lcd pane,lcd display touch panel, LQ057Q3DC12,

LQ084V1DG21 , LQ104V1DG21

LQ104V1DG51, LQ104V1DG61, LQ104V1LG61, LQ104S1DG21

LQ104S1LG21, LQ121S1DG41, LQ121S1DG61, LQ121S1LG41

LQ121S1LG61, LQ10D367,LQ10D368


LM057QC1T08,LM64P101R, LM8V302, LM8V311,LM64183PR,

LM64P89NA, LM64P89L, LM10V332.LM64P83L LM64P839 LM64P89L, LM32P10,LM32019T
NEC lcd pane,lcd display touch panel,
NL6448BC20-18D,NL6448BC20-20, NL6448BC20-08E,NL6448BC20-14, NL6448BC26-08D NL6448BC33-46 NL6448AC33-18 NL6448AC30-09 NL6448AC30-10 NL6448BC33-59 NL6448BC33-54 NL6440AC33-02 NL3224AC35-06 NL3224AC35-01
KYOCERA lcd pane,lcd display touch panel
KCB104VG2BA-A21,KCB104VG2CG-G20 KCB104VG2CA-A44 KCG057QV1DB-G50 KCB104VG2CA-A43,KCS057QV1AA-G00,KCS057QV1AA-G03,KCS057QV1AJ-G32,KCS057QV1AJ-A23, KCS057QV1AJ-G39
Optrex lcd pane,lcd display touch panel,DMF-50840, DMF50260NFU-FW, DMF50262NF-FW, DMF-50584NFU-FW, DMF-50383NF-FW
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